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Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming

Astral Projection is an act of consciously separating spirit from physical body and letting the spirit travel anywhere without body and returning with full memory. We all unconsciously travel outside our bodies every night when we are asleep. But, with the right guidance and practice, we can train ourselves to achieve this status with 100% consciousness and awareness.Anyone who has experienced astral projection, knows that our existence beyond the physical body is possible; our consciousness can exist outside our body. This belief overcomes fear of death completely.An experienced astral projector starts getting glimpses of his past life and begins to understand himself better. It increases enlightened perspective of our current existence and purpose. This broader perspective is instrumental in awakening new levels of personal intellectual growth and inner tranquility.This handbook is the result of author's five years of extensive research, study and personal practice of the Astral Projection phenomenon. It has the potential to let anyone, regardless of spiritual or metaphysical training, achieve a conscious out-of- body experience and avail its benefits.We hope this book will prove to be a life changing experience for the readers.Enjoy Astral travel...!




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