Stimulating Young Hearts........

Fiesta Of Love: Songs Of Loving Hearts

A collection of poetry from the WRITERS EMPIRE 2013 ‘Valentine Poetry Contest’. True love for someone is said to be the greatest high anyone could ever achieve. Love is need of most of the people, while for others love comes as inevitable encounter like rain drops. Love drenches us with various experiences and bliss. This book is all about celebrating those magical love moments. Truly this is an outstanding and one of the rarest collections of literature of love, with a glorified theme of celebrating, cherishing love moments. A poet is a magician, he does magic with his writing. Here hundreds of international poets have recreated the magic of love which has been widely and internationally appreciated among the readers. There is a beauty in the flow with which each poem takes the reader to magical world of love. I hope with this book, you can rediscover the feelings you had lost, but hope to find the one, mainly realize the love you have before it’s too late. This relishing book is a collection of love poems for young guns. Both guys and girls can read the poems and can impress their beloveds with the poems inside... An ideal gift for a loved one!!


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