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Krishna and the Lake of Souls

Krishna and the Lake of Souls is a marvelous fantasy written by author Anurag Bhatt. The author has truly succeeded in creating a fantasy adventurous world.

I love to see, when Indian authors dare to write a fantasy fiction, whereas Indian book market is flooded with romantic novels.

Though I actually don’t read children stories, so I was little skeptical about it at the beginning, but the fantasy and mystery part in this book compelled me to read it completely. 

The characters in this book are well characterized and easy to connect.

The protagonist in this book is a little boy named Krishna who belongs to Nainital, where he lives with his mother. Sid is his best friend and Jhumru, a dog is his loyal pet.

The interesting part starts when they get transported to an entirely different magical world via magical book. In that new world they meet with Nishe, a friendly girl of their age, and her mother, Shelly. Here, people can perform magic and transform themselves into different creatures. But, Krish, Sid and Jhumru want to go back to the world they belong. In search of the manoeuvre for returning home, they come to know that whatever was written in the book is true, including the evil Kemodoak mentioned therein.

Author has chosen all characters names with caution. The plot of this book develops slowly in beginning but as we advance, story catches pace. Mystery and a lot of suspense are the heart of story.

Reading this book was really delightful, so I am looking forward for its sequence, yet I am not sure whether the author has planned any sequence of this book or not.

“A must read for fantasy lovers.”


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