Stimulating Young Hearts........

Moods and Moments

A collection of poetry from the WRITERS EMPIRE 2013 ‘Valentine Poetry Contest’. It’s a poised collection of random thoughts epitomizing the different shades, moods and moments of love. All moods and moments of love are captured in this book like joy of love; sensuality, the ideal of love and its manifestations, a sense of loss and isolation, sufferings, tragedy, and finally the pain of love. Poets from all over the world have used poems to emphasize their feelings and experiences of love and relationship.The poems in the book are basically based on love, loss, life, dreams, fantasy and passion. The poems in this book are not just poems rather are heartfelt feelings, the songs and an outcry, born in the heart of the poets which they have expressed eloquently and mirrored their emotions in them. It’s truly an outstanding pen down collection of moments in literature. Summarizing it all-highlighting the eternal love and wishes to the beloved!!


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