Stimulating Young Hearts........


In a great hustle & bustle, 
while passing through a crowded road, 
Suddenly a shiny- innocent face caught my attention. 
At 6 Ft. And sharp features, He seemed a perfect piece of masculine creation.
Turning back for my place, he was following me on that realization, I felt in me a weird sensation.
Didn't know what’s happening to me, in the panic I picked up speed on that realization.
He lost my sight; I came back to my place with mystified expression,
Now somewhere I was missing him, I would frankly like to mention.
An hour later roaming at some other place,
I saw him standing in front of me by God’s gratification,
His innocent eyes showing for me some affection.
Startled to see him again, I didn't know myself, That now what should be my reaction?
Changing my route, fearing he might follow me again,
I started walking briskly in that apprehension.
His fast pace and facial expressions were showing this time his determination.
Stopping and waiting for the lift, when I looked into his eyes, I felt with him some kind of heavenly connection.
The lift came- lift go, we were standing in front of each other speechless,
Staring each other with a strange sensation.
Finally, he dared to speak, Stunned and speechless for a few moments,
I felt as if I was in some intoxication.
Now whenever I see him my heart skips a beat, as for him I feel some attraction.
I wish for my new friend I’ll always have same fascination and affection.


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