Stimulating Young Hearts........


Staring his picture at my computer screen,
For a moment, I felt something different in the air,
I could not help myself but to stare.
Thinking of our first meet near to arrive,
My heart felt like singing and so alive.
It seems like a dream that soon we will be together,
Talking, laughing, touching and knowing each other.
In him, I see a good friend with a listening ear,
Understanding me, even though he’s always apart, never been so near.
I often wonder, just to see a stranger’s smile,
What made me ready to visit a mile?
In millions I felt we are one of a kind,
The day our chat began, he always remain in my mind.
A perfect Vampy couple, that’s rarely found,
Our imaginations make us feel like flying together above the ground.
Flying in the sunny sky, where no pain, no cries.
Don’t know why it is happening like this,
The whole day I go on miss him and miss
I hadn’t imagined in the start,
I am going to like him so much with my whole heart.
I imagine the moment when I’ll hold his hand in my own,
Would that be the loveliest moment my soul has known?
I know in our first meet, he is going to smile at me with his warm caring face,
And suddenly I am gonna feel heaven at that place.
When I'll be with him there's nothing to say,
Except I promise my lifetime friendship to him for each and every day.
Well, tomorrow is going to be ‘Our Good Friday’,
The poem is dedicated to my Vampy, whom I miss each and every moment of the day.

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