Stimulating Young Hearts........

The Last Embrace

Good Bye Love!
I spoke those words fighting my tears,
He seemed voracious, I seemed anxious.
Taking a step ahead, I hugged him,
He was not sure about that hug like it wasn’t for him.
Tears and pain had made my eyes red,
Anger and arrogance had made his eyes red.
I was holding him with all my tenderness,
But my love, my emotions everything seemed to him meaningless.
His fake love had given me my life’s deepest wound,
Meek, submissive, I wasn’t even able to raise any sound.
I fought my tears, but they fall,
In his heart, he knew his fault at all.
I had loved him like no other before,
Not knowing so many tears were in store.
Touching his face with my hands, so cold and frail,
I felt the features of one of the most handsome male.
He looked as handsome as a full Moon,
The only man I bid to stare from night to noon.
With my all grace, I made our last embrace,
I felt his arms for me no longer tender and safe.
No marks of pain or repent on his face,
Is there any feelings left in him, I wanted to trace.
My broken, wounded heart was thumping at a great pace.
In my heart I knew it is our last embrace,
Indeed, that was our last embrace,
The last embrace frown emoticon

- Himani Vashishta


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