Stimulating Young Hearts........

What Is My Fault?

by Himani Vashishta

Away from all worldly matters,
In a sound sleep, I was sleeping.
Suddenly I opened my little sleepy eyes,
In a heavy tone my parents fighting.
I gave my half formed ears,
To hear, for what they were fighting.
The horrible thing I was able to make out,
My father pressurizing mother for aborting.
I considered my mother’s womb the safest place,
Today it was drenched with tears as she was crying.
With a painful and fearful heart,
What is my fault? I started thinking.
Abort it! She is a girl child,
My doubts vanished, when I heard my granny shouting.
Like my mother, I too was not much intelligent to understand the difference,
I won’t kill my daughter, my mother still arguing.
Oh! I am a girl like my mother,
I would be as sensible and beautiful, I started dreaming.
My dreams of sweet life shattered,
As I heard the footsteps of killer, appointed for my killing.
The appointed murderer was a doctor,
Whose work was supposed to be saving not killing.
My mother went half unconscious,
With fear my body started shivering.
Why I am prevented from seeing this beautiful world? ,
Again and again I from myself was asking.
Suddenly a thought rushed into my mind,
No this world is not worth birth taking.
How this world can be beautiful? ,
Where savior becomes devour, I myself pleading.
I smiled and thanked the god and my relatives,
Who stopped me in this ugly world entering.
Suddenly I felt and heard a sound of killer machine,
The outer and inner wall of mother’s womb was shaking.
But by now, I know no fear,
Even willfully helped them by easily surrendering.
One by one my entire half formed organs destroyed
My heart stopped beating.
My painful soul was still proud,
My sacrifice had made so many eyes shining!


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