Stimulating Young Hearts........

I have waited too long

                    (A real love story)
                      © Himani Vashishta

Her heart felt squeezed tight in her chest as she read the message she had just received on her Facebook.
“Finally, I found you; I just want to tell you how much I missed you in all these years.” He wrote.
She promptly looked at his profile picture. Damn, it was him, the guy on whom she had huge crush years ago.  She realized her heart was beating so fast.She was numb for a minute, did not know what to say and how to react.
“Are you there,” he typed.
She didn’t reply, but he could see that she was reading his messages.
“Please talk to me princess, please,” he requested. The weirdness of the situation had made her face pale for a moment; droplets of sweat clinging to her shoulders, under her hair at the base of her long neck.
Finally, she typed “Hi.”
“I am so happy today,” he typed.
She was speechless.
“I want to talk to you please share your number,” he insisted. There was an uncomfortable pause as he asked her contact number.
She was hesitating to do that, but finally, she gave him her number. She might want to solve some puzzle from her past.
She closed her eyes and sighed, her mind still lost in the thoughts; suddenly her cell phone rang.
“How are you?” he asked.
“I am good,” her voice was loaded with emotions. ‘As if he cares’ the first thought that came into her mind.
“I am not good, how I can be good without you,” he flattered.
She felt disgusting. His words were cutting her like a sword.
“I want to meet you,” he insisted.
“Sorry, I am not interested,” She heaved a sigh as she spoke.
“Please, don’t do this to me,” he begged.
What bad I am doing to him, she thought. He was the person who had lied to her; he was the person who had broken her heart.
“I need answers first,” she tried to speak in a harsh voice, something impossible for her.
“I swear I will explain everything, but if you promise to meet me,” he assured her.
“Okay, I will meet,” she said not sure if she really wanted to see him, but she certainly wanted some answers from him.
"Thank you," he beamed with pleasure.
Years after she opened the poem she had written for him.
The day when she wrote the poem came back to her mind. She had specially made an origami envelope and a card, with that poetry written over it and gifted it to him. “It seems you have started to like this guy,” her sister-in-law had said to her, reading her poetry and she had simply blushed.
She went through the poetry again that she had written for him and had titled it Attraction.

In a great hustle & bustle,
while passing through a crowded road,
Suddenly a shiny- innocent face caught my attention.
At 6 Ft. And sharp features,
He seemed a perfect piece of masculine creation.
Turning back for my place, 
he was following me on that realization,
I felt in me a weird sensation.
Didn’t know what’s happening to me, 
in a panic, I picked up speed on that realization.
He lost my sight;
 I came back to my place with a mystified expression,
Now somewhere I was missing him,
I would frankly like to mention.
An hour later roaming at some other place,
I saw him standing in front of me by God’s gratification,
His innocent eyes showing for me some affection.
Startled to see him again, I didn’t know myself,
That's now what should be my reaction?
Changing my route, fearing he might follow me again,
I started walking briskly in that apprehension.
His fast pace and facial expressions were showing, this time, his determination.
Stopping and waiting for the lift, when I looked into his eyes,
I felt with him some kind of heavenly connection.
Lift came- lift go, 
we were standing in front of each other speechless,
Staring each other with a strange sensation.
Finally, he dared to speak, 
Stunned and speechless for a few moments,
I felt as if I was in some intoxication.
Now, whenever I see him my heart skips a beat, 
as for him I feel some attraction.
I wish for my new friend 
I’ll always have same fascination and affection.

This is how they had met. She felt foolish about her past and then the thought what she is doing in her present made her feel far more foolish. Turbulent thoughts of her past and present relationship made her upset, and she couldn’t sleep well that night.
As was planned they met the next day. Yet it was a crowded place, but she noticed him from far, as he had distinguishable personality. For a split second, visions of their past, the first sight of him, and the sweet moments together, danced like sparks before her eyes.
He wanted to greet her with a hug, but she stepped back and converted it into a handshake.
As soon as their eyes met, hundreds different emotions came on her face, emotions of anger-care, attraction-repulsion, sadness- happiness, love-hate etc. She couldn’t believe that she was finally witnessing that moment. The man for whom she had waited so desperately was standing right in front of her. But what was that she wasn’t able to smile even. She felt like rushing into the arms of the man with whom she was presently so passionately into love. But how did that matters, the man she was presently in love with was not also in the same way in love with her. In fact, she was almost into a one-sided love, still meeting the guy standing right in front of him gave her the feeling that she should run away from him and hide in her present lover's arms.
“It’s weird that we are living in some same city again,” she finally spoke to him.
“It’s me who searched you,” he wanted to take credit. He grinned, stretching his long legs out in front of her. He looked up at her, with the same look in his eyes as he used to give her in the past. She knew his expressions, too. And the one on his face as he looked at her now was the expression that meant he was reading something behind her big black mystified eyes.
“Why this day has come, that you have to make a search about my whereabouts?” she shrugged in disgust.
Breathing in the air, he whispered, “You believe or not, I missed you so much.” He said in a passionate voice. This made her feel worse about him, ‘Why do, men are such emotionless creatures,’ she said to herself.
She knew it in her bones that she had made not a single mistake to make them apart.
She kept quiet for a moment. He looked in her eyes and she too looked at his face. Damn it, he looked like a perfect piece of God’s masculine creation, with no flaw. He was looking so damn handsome and tempting. His look reminded her of the day when she had first seen him and they both had love at first sight. This had never happened in her life with anyone.
As they looked at each other they both were speechless, as if all the attraction was coming back. She shrugged at this idea and ruined the moment with her harsh but important questions.
“I am here only to know, why you did this to me. I waited for you so long, but you never turn up. Why? How could you do this to me? Why?” she was losing her control and was trembling in anger.
He gazed her for a long moment as if trying to make out something.
“I never cheated you. It’s our destiny which cheated us,” he swallowed and said in an emotional voice.
Raising eyebrows, she stared at him in suspicion. “Stop playing puzzles with me,” her voice was harsh. She really seemed heartbroken.
She went into the flashback. She was living in his hometown for a while and was about to move to another city. Only a few days before she had met him, but her feelings for him were so strong. It was only her sister in law who knew this secret. In her heart, she knew that he also had the same feeling for her. Before leaving, she wanted to tell him what exactly was in her heart.
She was waiting for him on the decided place with a rose and card to propose him. He had called her that he is reaching there in two minutes, then that two minutes turned into two hours and two hours turned into five-six hours but he never came. His phone was continuously switched off.
She had left the rose and the card there only and had come back home, broken hearted. For next last three days, she was in that city, calling him, searching him every possible place where she used to see him. He had become invisible like a ghost.
She had waited for his call even after she had come back from his city. With every passing day, she was becoming more and more miserable.
“You have made your life like a waiting room. He was a cheater, who never ever loved you,” her sister in law had said to her in a great frustration noticing the fact she only used to gaze at her mobile phone for the whole day, hoping that someday he will call her.
So many days passed, but there was no news of him. Her sister in law finally took the hardest step and by breaking her SIM ended the wait for his call.
Tears were about to roll down her cheeks as she came out of her flashback. Anyhow, she composed herself.
“I was on the back street that day coming to meet you, but I met a terrible accident,” he told her in a plain voice. Suddenly seriousness floated in his eyes. She swallowed and felt as if a knife bobs up and down on her throat.
“Come on, don’t give me this shit. Now we are no more in that phase, you can speak up the truth,” she said following his gaze suspiciously.
“I wasn’t able to call you, even as my phone was completely destroyed,” he tried to rescue himself.
Her natural urge was to tell him to butt out. Instead, she said bleakly. “Cut the crap,” she started walking away from him.
“I had called you after some days, but your phone number was not available then,” his plea stopped her suddenly. Indeed, she had changed her phone number.
She seemed confused by the sudden revelation released a windy sigh before she could speak further. “How did you find me now,” She questioned relentlessly.
“I searched you on the internet.”
“You could have searched for me on the internet, years ago,” she was losing her temper and patience.
“I myself had searched for you on every possible site on the internet, but you were nowhere,” she said.
“I had told you that I am not net savvy, I just made this Facebook account to search for you only, and I can see that you have got the fame, so you might not consider me now,”
Suddenly her mercurial mood changed to anger, she felt a tremor; pursed her lips, fury struck her eyes; she let out a deep breath. His words had actually revolted her. She handed over him a piece of paper and muttered, “I wrote this when you had abandoned me.”

Woh pal jis pal ka mujhe pal-pal intzar tha, woh pal kabhi aaya hi nahi.

Dil is tarah kisine mera toda, kabhi hasana to dur - thik se rulaya bhi nahi.

Chand palon ke liye is tarah woh mile, na hume jana aur khud ke bare me bhi kuch bataya nahi.

Koi khabar aayegi unki taraf se bhi, yahi soch her pal bitaye gayi,

Soch pate mere bare me woh bhi, aisa koi pal shayad unke jivan me phir aaya hi nahi.

Woh pal jab phir hum aamne-saamne honge, janti hu ki woh pal phir kabhi aayega hi nahi.

Tadpati hu kis kadar pal-pal unki yaad me, kisi bhi pal me meri tadap woh jaan payenge bhi nahi.

Janti hu jis pal ka mujhe pal pal intzar tha, woh pal kabhi aayega bhi nahi.

Pal-pal samjahti hu yahi apne dil ko, magar shayad is najuk pal me ye 'Dil-e-nadan' samajh payega nahi.

“Why are you ignoring me now, I am so sorry about our past, we can start afresh.” She wanted to look away, but his gaze held her.
“I wish you would have come back earlier, I am not on the same page where we had left.” She shook her head and her eyes came back from wherever they’d been. She managed to nod.
 “Stop ignoring me,” With his face full of expressions, eyes focused on her, he jolted her.
Managing her voice from shaking due to her intense emotions she mumbled, “You have a great future. May you become super model and a great actor.” She walked away from him.
I had no fault in breaking whatever relationship I had or I could have with him she assured herself. He came back to my life after he lost all his importance, respect, and love from my heart.
'God, I don’t want this thing again in my life.' She shrugged at the thought that this same story might be going to repeat in her life, as the kind of relationship she was presently in, was probably going to take same turns.She rubbed her eyes and realized there were tears on her cheeks though she didn’t quite know why.

© Himani Vashishta


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