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Pranic Healing Treatment Cost For Autism

Recovery at what price? Literally – what monetary cost?
Let’s just operate on the assumption that children with autism and other chronic conditions can get better physically. When their bodies are well, their minds improve. I have seen it happen. Several times. The value of that “recovery” is priceless. Whether it is the ability to control your bowels, or move them regularly or be potty trained. Or learn to read. Have a conversation. Or perhaps make a friend. Priceless. Ask any parent who has waited for that milestone. But what does it cost to get a child to that point – any point – of improvement?Well, when we receive healing energy from any source it's mandatory to have energy exchange for the healing to work. 
When our bodies malfunction the energy flow becomes blocked and congested. Pranic healing wipes away this blockage and reenergizes the afflicted organ, muscle or bone to hasten its recovery and return to natural functioning. It also increases the energy in the chakras (nerve centers) that control the affected part or organ.
Pranic healing addresses the astral or etheric body and makes possible remote healings. People thousands of miles away from the healer are healed just as effectively as if they were standing in front of the healer. I live in India and have effectively treated people living in another country.The remote healing feature of pranic healing offers considerable savings to the patient as in time and money. 
Presently I am located in Kasar Devi, the most powerful positive energy center in India and third most internationally, I would love to cater visitors who want to witness healing session in person and the treatment charges will  be same in that case also.
Pranic Healing Treatment Cost For One Month- 

For Indian Clients -  Rs. 6000/- only 
Outside India- $250 USD

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