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Treatment for Autism by Pranic Healing (Alternative Medicine treatment for Autism)


I am Himani Vashishta. As you are looking for a cure for autism, I presume that you must be well aware of what it is and what the symptoms of autism are. If not, you can contact me and ask for a diagnosis. But I will strongly recommend for a proper diagnosis of autism. I won’t be calling autism a disease for some reasons. I am into meditation practice and the mental state we try to achieve while meditating is already autistic people do have.
It’s not so long when I got introduced with autism. Sorry to say that was the most depressing phase of my life as the kid I love most turned out to be autistic. I was severely depressed because I was not able to accept the way he was.  Like most of the families, I was also cursing my fate that why my loved one is autistic.
Like any other parents or family members I was looking for a cure, I mean I wanted to fix him. Now, after being really aware of autism, I know he doesn’t need to be fixed, it’s my attitude and my family’s attitude towards him that needs fixing. I feel wonderful with my cute little autistic angel.
  I am not saying that autism doesn’t create any problem for the autistic person and his/her family, of course, it’s a life long challenge. As you are reading my article I can guess that you are genuinely concerned about the autistic person you are related to.  My point here is autistic people deserves equal respect, dignity, and rights like typical persons. I won’t be categorizing autistic people as abnormal and non-autistic as normal.  
Well, after my angel got diagnosed with autism at AFA, Delhi, I started studying psychology and I was already studying alternative medicine that time. But there is no sure shot treatment for autism in both branches, not even in allopathy. As there is no cure for autism in medical science, I started exploring other options. I just wanted some magical thing to happen. Well, in a way it happened. But I won’t call it magic, it’s a proper spiritual science, researched and validated by our seers from time immemorial.  
Luckily I happen to learn Pranic Healing. I was astonished by its miraculous results and still get amazed sometimes. My autistic angel was not able to speak even; before I started Pranic healing for him. In a few months, he started speaking and my whole family noticed a positive difference in him. Still, it’s a long road to go.
My angel was admitted to  (Open Door School) AFA, Delhi. I highly recommend AFA to every autistic person in India.  I really appreciate what they are doing for autistic people and especially the instructor Indrani Basu is awesome. After attending AFA, now we know how to treat our angel, what to expect and almost everything about autism.  Still the most difficult part comes when we think what after us. This thought is killing I tell you. I can do everything in my power to keep my autistic angel happy and safe, but this thought frightens that who is going to take care of him after me and other family members are no more. How could such an innocent person who even doesn’t understand the concept of money can survive by his/her own in this cruel world, especially in India where there is no such social security system. This thought keeps me motivated to heal my angel.
  I was living and working in Delhi that time, but I realized the need to move somewhere in nature, where I can get pure energy and can heal better. I moved to a place, a place called Kasar Devi, which is recently recognized as the third most powerful positive energy center by NASA. Kasar Devi is the place where Swami Vivekananda had got enlightened. So this place suited my purpose.  The spiritual treatment Pranic Healing I do for my angel doesn’t require his physical presence, I do distance healing for him and even if he is physically present. Even it’s hard to make him sit with me quietly for an hour.   
I have a powerful tool to heal my angel and feel empowered now, which is a far better situation than when I was feeling hopeless about his future. I want to offer Pranic Healing treatment to other autistic people too, that’s why I am writing this article to make people aware about Pranic Healing treatment. I could have shared his videos here on my website, but I feel it’s against his dignity. But I would love to privately share it with genuine people who are compassionate towards autistic people.
Well, I do have certain limitations too, as being a full-time writer, I am involved in writing my books and freelance writing too, so my biggest limitation is time. But I want to help at least 3-4 autistic people. Still, I highly recommend family members of autistic people to learn it by themselves. As in the long run, it will be far more helpful and economical than coming to me for Pranic treatment or finding another healer. There are a few recognized centers in India who is offering Pranic Healing courses.
Now I come on the Pranic Healing treatment part of autism. First, I will discuss what Pranic Healing is. We all have a physical body till we are alive, which is completely visible, but apart from our physical body, we all do have an energy body too, which is invisible. Energy keeps flowing in it via Chakrams. In Pranic healing, a healer attempts to treat energy body and balances chakras. Both physical body and energy body affects each other. We can treat the physical body by treating the energy body and vice versa.  
Autism is like some other chronic, so it takes time to heal the patient. As I am treating my angel from more than past one year,  but now thankfully he can speak and is able to attend a regular school.
I am not having a group of healers with me like any organization, so I won’t be able to take healings of more than 3-4 autistic people. The Second thing is as Pranic Healing is capable of treating almost every disease and much more than this, I request you not to ask me for some other treatment than autism. I want to treat only and only autistic people. For other treatment I can recommend some other healers, but not me. After my angel is being diagnosed I have made it a sort of life purpose to do something regarding autism, by my writings, books, healings and social activities too.
You can contact me at for further queries and for Pranic Healing treatment of autistic people only.
Even if I won’t be able to do healings because of my tight schedule I would love to guide.

Love and Light

Himani Vashishta

Me and my angel... :)

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please consult immediately a medical doctor and a Certified Pranic Healer . ~ Master Choa Kok Sui