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Vidya Retreat/ Himani Vashishta's Reviews


  1. I am just about to begin my final level of pranic healing and am amazed by what I have learned so far. It is such a powerful form of healing that is able to help people in so many ways. Himani is such a patient teacher and is dedicated to helping others. Highly recommend these courses!

  2. Hi !this is sunil from Rajasthan ! It was a great experience visiting vidya the retreat .simply Superb personality ms himani with great healing power and counselling .She has amazing soothing power.

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  5. I've meet Himani with my huisband and my two children (15 and 12 years old);she gave us meditation class outside the valuable garden facing Ganga Holy River in Vishwa Chetan Ashram, Rishikesh. Himani has great ressouces to adapt any type of public which is a great quality. Having opportunity to practise as a family is very rare and important in order to me to make children grow also spiritually for balancing their lives. According to me, very easy and simple meditation we were taught is also one of the important thing you ll be able to learn with Himani. Powerful healing does not need complexity; in our modern world i think that is also precious to realize. Gratitude to Himani to have taught us three daily meditation wonderful meditation practise in order to open our energy to the Divine Source of All and to give thanks and healing to Mother Earth. Hare Om. Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.